Hair transplantation with dr bhatti (darling buds india)

  • steph131
  • 6 months ago

Hello, I am 28 years old , I'm French Mediterranean origin .I'm losing my hair since the age of 20/22 years. I have never taken drugs for hair loss and to this day I can say that my baldness is Norwood 5 / 5a.For several years I seek a solution, I inquired about taking medication which in my case would not have done much. I inquired about the tattoo on his head , I inquired about undetectable wigs, and finally I learned about hair transplant ( fue ) .Not coming to incur my baldness, I think I found the solution with the hair transplant fue .The most important for me is to have the most natural result , the graft Fue is the best solution that exists to this day hope to have this result.Not having the money to do an operation in France which in my case would have cost far too much , I took advantage of the facility that is available to us to travel to find the best price / quality ratio .I think I found my doctor .... after France , Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey , Morocco, and finally India, my choice was confirmed on Dr Tejinder Bhatti of clinical Darling buds in India .This is a very well known in the middle of the hair transplant , with a record price of € 1 graft doctor. After a calculation on the plane ( 350€ Marseille - New Delhi, round trip) ticket + the cost of living is very low compared to France + an unforgettable journey to discover a little India.I finally contacted the clinic and they gave me an appointment for mid JuneI admit to being very afraid of the result is I made the leap , or I accept my baldness and to this day I find it hard to accept that I lost my hair.I'll post another message with photos of my baldness.Thank you to all those who reply on the forum or by private message.

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Welcome to the community! I wanted to let you know that If you write a review (you can do so even before your surgery), you're more likely to get feedback from the community and it helps others who are considering this treatment too. Here is a link to get you started. 

Good Luck!
Sorry if I sounded mean, but I just want to know if you are having any sexual side effects. I am contemplating have an FUE procedure at the same clinic, my appointment is on 31 Aug. I know that you were prescribed with Finasteride and I am really concerned about what its side-effects might be since I don't have any kids yet. Please advise.
How is your sex life??