RE: Can I get hair transplant surgery for my eyebrows?

  • 4 years ago

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Unlike hair transplant, the donor hair is removed from the back of the scalp to be transplanted into the area to be placed. The hair that is being transplanted comes from the scalp, it is genetically programmed to grow like scalp hair.
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PS : In my opinion, you should post a few pictures of the problem but not in the forum section, but in the "Ask a doctor" section.
This way : 1) most doctors who seeminly never mention this problem occurring will have to deal with this risk and tell you / us how to avoid such a risk or how to cope with it.
2) You will have more chances to get in touch with a surgeon who might look into your personal case and help you out with it.
Good luck.
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I did, there's nothing he can do. He says once the hair transplants from your head to your eyebrows, it's permanent. There are only two ways to improve it. 1: take the 2nd transplant surgery which I think it might repeat what happened, 2: go permanent laser hair remove which will make most of your eyebrow stop growing. To be honest, both solution sucks. I rather not take the eyebrow transplants at the beginning. I do the eyebrow transplants research for over a year. All Dr. only tells how easy and convenient of the surgery but never mention anything about after the surgery, for example: hair grows in different directions; white-heads; pore larger, after you tweeze the transplants hair out from your eyebrow, the pore will red and swelling, it will like that the rest of your life. I found two hair transplants expert doctor in Canada and U.S. who has office in Vancouver Canada (where I lived). The first one ask for CND 5000, and they need me drive all the way to Seattle for surgery, and the stuff at that office are very rude so I didn’t pick that one. The Second doctor asks for CND 1300 (but I’m the last one who pays that cheap, after me he raises the price to CND 4000). I pick the second one, the stuff there are all very nice and patient but none of them mentions what’s the problems I have to face after the surgery.
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I have eyebrow transplants back in March 2008.I have research on the internet before the surgery and there's not even one doctor mention that after the eyebrow transplants, your eyebrow pore will bigger than before, and it will have white head stuck in your pore, so you have to pump it out everyweek, and because of that, your eyebrows will always red and swelling... also the transplant hair grows in different directions and that will make you look weird...some hair even will growing straight like the eyelashes direction. People can tell and see your eyebrows are not smooth and look so fake. I'm so regret I have that surgery.
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Hey, I have been thinking about it but you are right nobody mention all that could happen. Did you try to talk to the Dr. who didi it for you to see what you can do to avoid that white heas on coming up?, If you do not mind me asking how much did you pay?, I was thinking about doing bur after reading your post I will keep on researching.
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