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I am 59 yrs old.  I have never had thick thick hair but have always considered to have healthy hair with alot of shine and enough volume to be satisfied (providing I didn't let the length get too long).  I didn't color my hair until my late 20's and then I reached a point where I had to dye it.  I went blonde and highlighted for a while.  Since I have light olive skin and blue eyes with a warm complextion, I never thought I was suited to be a blonde.  Besides that blonde gives the appearance of less hair.I went back to a darker color and the colorist I was going nailed the color for me.  I told her "That's, love, love it".  The very next month she announces she was changing product lines (I go to her home),  Since then (last March) I have been miserable.  She colored my hair this horrible brown with too much ash, gave me "hot roots".  There is only so much time I can give her to redo it.  To fix her dye jobs I had a color glaze placed over her color to try to achieve my ultimate perfect hair color.  I went to another salon for the color glaze application and within 5 minutes my whole head was itching.  After this visit I noticed I was loosing an abnormal amount of hair every time I washed it.  I'm so tired of people telling me I wash it too much, I do too much to it because I don't.  I am also a gym rat and need to keep my hair at a length where I can put it up and always have my hair tied back in a pony tail.   The research I've done on this topic tells me both the pony tail and the chemicals can cause "alopecia, or thinning of hair".  So can hormones,  Right now my hair has lost so much volume I don't know what to do.  I did purchase the coloring powder that Joan River's sells.  It's root coloring time, I need to find a suitable colorist because my hair is black, red, blonde, pink, and grey and oh yeah..,,.bald.  I've lost volume all over, I bought the biotin but read afterward you must be pretty damn sick to have a deficiency in the biotin type vitamins.  I cannot afford  a hair transplant, the thickening shampoos are alot of hype.  I just don't know what to do!!!!  Is there anyone out there with a similar problem?

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Hey I hear you. It sucks. I have been looking into this as well. First of all, it is DARK hair that shows hair loss more, just so you know. I have naturally dark hair and my whole life it was so thick and healthy and no one in my family has any hair loss at all except for me so I understand your pain. My dad is almost 80 with a full head of hair, as is every member going back forever. Alopecia is just ONE reason we lose hair as women -- and supposedly it is increasing in our country. Here are just SOME of the reasons women lose hair (and I bet some of them might shock you although not sure): Pregnancy (those damn hormones.) Losing weight. When you lose weight your hair loses weight too! Especially if you did it in an unhealthy manner. Lack of protein or other nutrients. Inability to absorb healthy nutrients for some reason. Poor circulation! This is a major one -- so much of it has to do with this. I have been so sick this past year and I just know once I can run or exercise again it will at least help a bit. So massage your scalp. GET YOUR THYROID CHECKED. Look at the rest of your body hair. People with low thyroid don't have to even shave their legs and their outer eyebrows disappear. How's your thyroid? Get your hormones checked as you mentioned, although sometimes this doesn't even help as I did and no dice. Also low iron (anemia) is another culprit. If you can, get a doctor who cares about your hair getting filled in rather than one who just wants to do the bare minimum. Mine just ruffled her hands through my hair briefly and said it was probably stress. I had to go to a different doctor, pay again, and specifically ask to get my thyroid checked since I had so many of the signs. I have talked to so many women who were frustrated by their doctors who didn't bother checking for iron deficiency, low thyroid, or other issues. You know, as women, this matters -- and it's about not just physical but also emotional well being!'s a big one and it kind of goes along with the hormone thing. Birth control pills and other medicines. Yes -- I read that two reasons we Americans are losing hair (including females) in ever growing numbers is because of all the medicines we are taking and also our lack of general health (diabetes, obesity, etc.) Women with PCOS also lose hair. Just google DHT and androgens if you haven't already. Lots and lots of medicines can cause hair loss -- antidepressants, some birth control, etc. Biotin....forget it, no difference for me. Also don't forget vitamin D -- with all the hype and furor about avoiding sun in the past years (my derm, for example, told me she never goes outside and that there's no problem with that if you take vitamin D supplements) I can tell you one thing for sure: you NEED vitamin D. From the sun. In fact, I have started going outside for about twenty minutes each day and I could care less what my derm told me, people need the sun and I mean real sun. I think this plus poor circulation plus medicines are what did it to me, more than anything. We aren't meant to be in front of a computer screen or a tv all day and never go outside. This doesn't mean overdo it, but I think it has been taken to an extreme and I don't care if doctors on this site yell at me -- you need some vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to some pretty scary stuff, such as cancer, for example. Okay -- last but not least since I am sure I forgot something, I like this thickening powder called Toppix (not expensive) that I found, comes in all different colors and I use it for brows too -- it really stays on even overnight and it's pretty easy to figure out. I put saw palmetto on my scalp instead of rogaine which really doesn't work on all women anyway, since I want to combat that DHT. I don't know if I will ever get my hair back, since I still think it is somewhat thyroid related (haven't had to shave my legs in a year yet my tests were inconclusive), but I refuse to go down without a fight. Oh one more thing -- I also went to Sally's and got some really good and long lasting clip in extensions that have a pretty easy learning curve. Look, I don't know if you already know all this, but I hope you know you are far from alone. I had to go online to find all this out and there are so, so many women out there like us, and it seems there is so little help (other than pricey transplants.) Good luck to us both!
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