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  • bpmspqny
  • Massapequa, NY
  • 8 months ago

I am 59 yrs old.  I have never had thick thick hair but have always considered to have healthy hair with alot of shine and enough volume to be satisfied (providing I didn't let the length get too long).  I didn't color my hair until my late 20's and then I reached a point where I had to dye it.  I went blonde and highlighted for a while.  Since I have light olive skin and blue eyes with a warm complextion, I never thought I was suited to be a blonde.  Besides that blonde gives the appearance of less hair.I went back to a darker color and the colorist I was going nailed the color for me.  I told her "That's, love, love it".  The very next month she announces she was changing product lines (I go to her home),  Since then (last March) I have been miserable.  She colored my hair this horrible brown with too much ash, gave me "hot roots".  There is only so much time I can give her to redo it.  To fix her dye jobs I had a color glaze placed over her color to try to achieve my ultimate perfect hair color.  I went to another salon for the color glaze application and within 5 minutes my whole head was itching.  After this visit I noticed I was loosing an abnormal amount of hair every time I washed it.  I'm so tired of people telling me I wash it too much, I do too much to it because I don't.  I am also a gym rat and need to keep my hair at a length where I can put it up and always have my hair tied back in a pony tail.   The research I've done on this topic tells me both the pony tail and the chemicals can cause "alopecia, or thinning of hair".  So can hormones,  Right now my hair has lost so much volume I don't know what to do.  I did purchase the coloring powder that Joan River's sells.  It's root coloring time, I need to find a suitable colorist because my hair is black, red, blonde, pink, and grey and oh yeah..,,.bald.  I've lost volume all over, I bought the biotin but read afterward you must be pretty damn sick to have a deficiency in the biotin type vitamins.  I cannot afford  a hair transplant, the thickening shampoos are alot of hype.  I just don't know what to do!!!!  Is there anyone out there with a similar problem?

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