Hair grows not

  • fleurv
  • 3 months ago

Hi everybody,I try to have longer hair since four year and it doesn't work !However I visit my hairdresser 3/4 times a year and nothing change !Some people told me that it could be my whitening spray that i used to use during summer. Can somebody confirm this hypothesis ?If it's false what can be wrong with my hair ? Otherwise I never dye them or put hair extensions so they are literally "naturals"....I'm not saying i'm hopeless but almost ;)Thks for your future advices

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the length of your hair can often be genetically determined. your hair follicle is meant to produce hair over a time frame and your will naturally lose that hair shaft (falls out) after a time. Of course these are spaced out over the thousands of hairs on your scalp so you don't suddenly go bald! You've seen women with hair down to their butt, and full of life. Most couldn't do this if they tried. over time there would be so many differing lengths of hair that it would look terrible. Your hair is fed by your body. Keep up a good nutritional diet and "feed" your hair growth to maximize its potential. Keep up the B vitamins and amino acid supply. Good luck.