Gummie Bear 410 implants out on 2/19

  • irisk
  • Nashville, TN
  • 1 year ago

i am having my implants taken out after 1 yr. i have my consult with my original ps in a couple days. im nervous but grateful for the info i am finding here. any advice? i dont know what to expect. guess ill know more after the consult. currently have 280mm implants. was a 34a went to a 32d. dd in certain bras like demi cups due to too much upper pole. i think i was wearing the wrong size originally and was a 32b. not sure though. scared of what ill look like...

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i am going back to the original ps who wants to leave the capsules in. she said they will be absorbed by the body over time. i have read they should be removed in some comments. what are the dangers of leaving them in?
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Hi there,

Why are you getting your implants removed?

If you haven't already, read through several reviews to get an idea of what other ladies have gone through during their explants.

If you'd like to start your own "review" (even before surgery), you can do that here. You can add updates and photos if desired.

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im getting them out for a lot of reasons. i am tired of having pains. they feel so hard. i enjoy working out but i get pains. doing floor exercises is uncomfortable and a lot ot time just hurts like i have rocks in my chest. i have trouble sleeping. i can only comfortably lay on my left side and back. the right implant sits over a little to far and so i end up laying on it a little and it starts to hurt. to top it off they just do not feel like me. i am so aware of how unnatural they feel. like a beach ball you are trying to push under water there is no give. its just awful. i can not for the life of me understand how so many women do this. people act like they are getting their teeth whitened and its not a big deal. i fell for the whole glam part of it too. its a huge sacrifice on your well being all for a look.
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Can you post pics of your before and after? I have 375cc silicone implants. I went from cute little 34As to idk what since I just did the surgery last week. I already know I hate them and want to go back. I'm already considering explanting. I'm just so scared of what they might look like. Thanks
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Hi Bkstar 4289 I dont have any pics as I still have drains and am all bound up. I'm hoping to have them out tomorrow I have very little fluid coming out. I did take a peek and they look sad but I tell myself that I just had surgery yesterday. when i had implant put in they looked like cones for months so I am def going to give myself some time. Like you I knew when I did it it was a mistake. It wasn't at all what I thought it would be like. getting them out by the way is a piece of cake to putting them in. All I can say is think long and hard about it and follow your heart.
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If you have only had them that short of a time you will be fine if you got them out. I had mine for 13 years and they are bouncing back after that amount of time and I had 550cc in both breasts.
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