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groin pain 7 days post did you find relief?

  • deanna1178
  • 1 year ago

  Right side of my groin...right btw tummy and thigh where underwear sits, sharp shooting pain or ache 24/7. It started out mildly yesterday and I figured it was maybe from sitting so long or using other muscles to compensate for my lack of stomach muscles. Today it is AWFUL! I googled this and it seems normal after an incision is made that low in the pubic area. Has anyone found a way to get relief? It is the MOST annoying pain and it gets worse throughout the day. TIA!

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I have thigh and groin pain in the fold right between thigh and was diagnosed as lateral femoral cutaneous nerve syndrome and sometimes this occurs after tummy tuck ... It could be a suture trapped the nerve etc...I was prescribed Lyrica which I hope to QUIT soon it does provide relief from the mini pain bombs it felt like was going off however it still aches and sore to touch ....good luck
I am dying here! The pin is dibilitating! Feels like someone is putting out a cigarette in my skin every time I move. Did you find a solution or did this wear away?
This is what I am having right now! If I lie down and don't move at all, it doesn't hurt, but as soon as I stand up it is very painful. When I put hard pressure on the spot with my hand, it seems to go away. I thought it was muscle pain too...let me know if you found out anything else! I hope it is not serious!
I don't want to freak you out, but that is how my blood clot started out during my first pregnancy. It was misdiagnosed as sciatica for weeks before they figured it out. For me, it started in the lower back/pelvis and eventually the pain extended all the way down into my left thigh but the most throbbing pain was right in my groin. I would advise you to try the typical things like Tylenol, ice, heat, and of course stronger pain meds if you have them, but please call your doctor and get seen if you suspect anything is seriously wrong. If you have swelling in the painful leg but not the other, or if you have chest pain /shortness of breath, you need to go to the ER because it could be a clot.