Any Green juice drinkers out there??

  • MM927
  • Miami, FL
  • 3 years ago

Hello! I'm new. I'm prepping for my upcoming Mommy Makeover (9/27). My pre-op diet includes freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juices. I drank these religiously after both my c-sections and bounced back rather quickly. I know Tummy tucks with mr is not the same, but was wondering if anyone drank "green juices" as part of their recovery diet. They are very nutritious, help keep you regular and a lot of vegetables have healing properties. Such as parsley to detox, celery to eliminate bloat and swelling, ginger to increase circulation, pineapple has bromelain, etc, etc. (without the added sugars and preservatives of commercially prepared juices). If you juiced (either before surgery or after) and found it beneficial let me know!