Great Guides for Smart Lipo! A Roundup of RealSelf Resources….

  • TwoPlusOne (Community Manager)
  • 5 months ago

RealSelf has lots of great guides for Liposuction that are also applicable to Smart Lipo!  In fact, pretty-much all of them are.  So here is a roundup of some of our great resources, in case you've missed them!

First, our fantastic Liposuction Overview
Next, check out our Liposuction Lexicon: Your Urban Glossary to Lipo Lingo
For a reality check, read the 10 Biggest Liposuction Myths: Weight Gain, Pain, Recovery, and More
And when you've decided, check out our list of What To Buy Before Your Liposuction Procedure.

And for the guys, is it possible to Get Six-Pack Abs Without Working Out?
And a blog post:  The Rise of Male Liposuction: Hollywood Heroes, Technological Advances, and Competitive Workforce.

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