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Great experience - Dallas, TX

  • Christine in Dallas
  • 2 years ago

Best choice I have ever made!!!  This makes me so surprised to hear all of these disappointments....I had mine 8 years ago, within a month after surgery I swear i looked more than 10 yeras younger!  I was just now looking online to see how much it costs now after 8 years because just this month I am finally seeing some sagging again....I want to do it again, I had amazing results...It was 8 years ago so I don't remember the doctors name but I had it done in the Dallas location at LBJ freeway...and I don't still have any before pictures left, but I looked about 55 when I was 44, 8 years ago, since having the procedure everone guesses me 37/38.  Sorry to hear the bad results out there ladies, but I am thinking it was just the doctor who did not do a good I am going to have to find out my old doctors name and use him again just to be safe!   Christine

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I too had my LSL years ago in 2005 at 55 and aside from the pain for aprox. a week after the procedure have had no complications or complaints. The healing was quick and everything healed very nicely. I was sooo pleased with my results (done in Reston Va.) and 7 years later I still look younger than in 2005. I feel sad for those of you who didnt have the results you anticipated. I obviously got one of their best surgeons. ( I had the jowls eliminated but probably would not have my eyes touched or my forehead).