Should I be grateful for what I have and accept the discomfort or have further surgery?

  • Suzibee12
  • Sydney, Australia
  • 1 year ago

Hi ladies. I hope you can help. I had beast cancer 2.5 years ago.  I had 3 tumours in my left breast. With no family support and 2 children I decided to have both breasts removed to give myself and my family more chance. I had a skin sparing mastectomy with small implants put in on the same day. I was extremely lucky to have an amazing surgeon perform my operation and I am now cancer free. The left implant has always been uncomfortable and puckered early on. The muscle feels like it is moving in the opposite direction to the implant and it feels really un-natural and uncomfortable.. The implant was replaced 3 months ago but the symptoms are the same. Whenever I use my arm or pec muscle the implant pushes against my arm or moves inside like a hard lump. The implant is not capsulated. I was told by a plastic surgeon that I have a great outcome and that when I stand still my breasts look great and very symmetrical.  I don't think I described  the discomfort I feel we'll enough to him.  He couldn't understand why I would want to alter the breasts I have. He did however offer to remove the implant and use my skin tissue which would leave a large flap of scaring around the breast and a tummy tuck scar across my stomach. This would be a major operation with no guarantee of success. Should I just be grateful for what the surgeon has done and just put up with this discomfort? I am only 48 and can't  consider no breast at all which seems to be the only other option.