Grah! How do I choose?

  • rmgw771
  • 2 years ago

Alright, ladies - I'm a weight-loss patient and I'm definitely going to have a tummy tuck with some lipo, and possibly a medial thigh lift and arm lift (different surgeries, of course).  Been to four consultations and consulted with one surgeon online and I'm STILL not sure who to go with!  How do you make this decision?  Does anybody have any really interesting things to say about Drs Hochstein, Don Revis Jr, Azurin or Soto (these are my main contenders at the moment)?  I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Florida and most places in the south... I'd really like my doctor to perform surgery at a hospital, which of those three, only Revis does.  I like his work, but some of his tummy tucks don't look as tight as possible.  He also uses the BIS in order to regulate anesthesia, which I really appreciate... I'm inordinately terrified of waking up during surgery.   This is so tough.  Pretty much all of the surgeons have had different things to say.  Revis is more expensive than any of the others and Hochstein's the cheapest, but I really want to have my surgery done in a hospital.  All of this is amplified by the fact that I'd really like to schedule for early December, and it's gonna get harder and harder to get that date... HELP.

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Did you ever decide on a surgeon? If so, did you have the procedure done?
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I picked a surgeon and then decided against having the surgery at the last moment. A year later, I still have my tummy... but I'm pretty happy with my body and feel more like myself. You have to do what's right for you. Best of luck!
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