Gotta Pee A LOT

  • ABQme
  • Albuquerque NM
  • 3 years ago

SO I know I have been drinking extra water to make sure I stay hydrated but I am noticing that I still pee A LOT!!! and it seems like it sneaks up on me... I can't figure out is it that I am numbed down there so I don't notice or if it's bc the binder is tight puts pressure on me and so when I gotta go I GOTTA GO! Anyone else feel like this?

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I always have to pee alot anyway... but, I REALLY have to go alot now. I think for me its more noticable now because it presses on the incision and then theres the binder... so, yep.. Lots o' peeing going on here too!
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Hi there,

Another user posted something similar about urinating a lot after a tummy tuck. Hopefully you'll find this helpful and some other ladies will post about their experiences going number one after a tummy tuck, too.

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