Anyone know of a good surgeon in Atlanta, ga for lip reduction? I have the silicone duck look I want removed.

  • ariele101
  • 1 year ago

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I'd love to see your photos. Do you have silicone implants?

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Sorry to hear you aren't liking your look. :-/ Just to make sure I'm understanding your question, I'm assuming the look was the result a filler, or is it naturally how your lips looked and you just don't like it?

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silicone drops injected at home 15 years ago when everyone in Miami was doing it....looks so bad now!
how do i show pics?

If you would like to add them to this forum post I can add them for you and will send you a private message with more details on that.

The other way you can post pictures is by starting a review about your experience with the silicone injections, and add photos to your review. That will give you the ability to add more photos and tell more of your story over time with updates.