Anyone know of a good supportive stage one compression garment that can easily hide under clothes?

  • AussieDude36
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • 1 year ago

I'm 6 days post op, had hi def Vaser Lipo on stomach and flanks. Looked amazing on day 3 but have started to swell up now and look more bloated. I've read this is perfectly normal. The pain has subsided a lot and I had my first good nights sleep last night. I had to work yesterday for 4 hours and had to take my stage one foam compression garment off. It was too early. Ended up in pain and was more swollen than ever when I got home. I want to leave the foam compression strap on 24/7 but it's so bulky you can't hide it under clothes. I'd love to know if there was something else available that gave similar support but was easier to hide?

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Try Design Veronique's website I was told I would be wearing one of her CG after my sx.... so i googled her name and found several websites which sells her products... make sure u look at other websites as they offer her CGs at cheaper prices.. Best of luck..
Loved my Marena garment
Thanks hottiebun, I'll check those out.