Has anyone had good results with the Fraxel Restore?

  • LaLa617
  • Boston, MA
  • 2 years ago

I was considering getting the Fraxel Restore for mild/mod. acne scarring , but am now thinking it's not such a good idea, after reading some of the horrible reviews.  From the reviews, it seems like the majority of the damage isn't that recognizable in the first few months, because the skin is still puffy and swollen, but this is sadly mistaken for a smooth, glowing complexion.  I've read that the severity of the any damage done by Fraxel doesn't develop in true form until later (7 months to a year, or even more than a year) after the treatment. I was wondering if anyone had good results with Fraxel Restore, and didn't notice changes/damage after 1 year (or more) of getting the procedures done?  Thank you so much!

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