Has anyone had good results with lymphatic drainage massage to reduce post-op swelling?

  • Carol99
  • San Francisco
  • 2 years ago

I'm a few weeks post-op after mini-lift and am having a lot of discomfort due to tightness/swelling around ears and scalp. I've heard lymphatic drainage massage works well to relieve swelling. Has anyone had any results using it? Did you go to a professional? How many treatments did it take to get results? Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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I am a little over 4 weeks post op. I had a hematoma that developed and surgeon decided not to evacuate it after weighing options. I was left with the right side of my face very swollen in the neck area, a huge bruise, part of cheek and lower jawline swollen hard as a rock and some creasing on neck. It required draining with an 18 gage needle as often as possible . I have been going for lymphatic massage. I have had about 5 sessions so far almost daily and it is helping. The massage therapist has also showed me how to massage the lymphatic areas myself throughout the day. I can now see my jawline emerging. I will also be using ultrasound starting this Monday which I believe should have been initiated sooner. I believe the hematoma probably should have been evacuated initially . I will be getting a second opinion from a surgeon tomorrow who is 70 and has seen it all. i will be curious to tell my story and see what he thinks. Massage can be expensive but it will help. It also has helped loosen the tightness in my jaw when opening and closing my mouth and tight skin. I would recommend it. also good moisturizers have helped as well. It helped me feel more positive and hopeful about a difficult recovery it takes a bit before you begin to see the results about the 3rd session for me. It also helped with me feeling more secure as i had to keep working and wearing a scarf 24/7. Give it a try. Find someone if possible who uses the Dr. Vodder's method it is the best.
I am sorry no one has answered this but I think LDM is very good for post op swelling. My DR includes this in his fees and I have a quite a few things done with him and he also gives me arnics tablets and bromelaine. I have not had much swelling. You can look this up online and even do this yourself while showering and such to massage excess fluid out of your body. It is a good thing.
I meant arnica tablets. :)