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What are some good questions to ask at a pre op?

  • mommyof5babes
  • 1 year ago

  So my pre op appointment is tomorrow May 25th and I've been compiling a list of questions to ask, does anyone have any suggestions what are good questions to ask?   My surgery is On May 29th..can't wait

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Hi Sandrina, you always want to check with surgeon in regards to activity allowances and restrictions first. It's important to get moving as soon as you can for a number of reasons. The body depends on good blood circulation to deliver oxygen rich blood cells and essential nutrients to the areas of the body that needs it and after a procedure it's more important than ever. A healthy circulation helps you prevent blood clots. Also when your lying down your lungs can't expand as well as they can when you are standing. Lung expansion, good inhale and exhales help to prevent respiratory conditions like pneumonia. In addition to those benefits being active is good for your mental state. Good luck and I hope this helps! Please excuse typos typing on IPad.
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Thank you for your time and the great info!
  • Reply it important to get moving for healing purposes? Can you explain that? And how soon are you able to be in a position to get moving about? I am not good with bedrest! My surgery is 6/4 and I keep wanting to bail out!
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Follow up plan, incision care, activities allowed (get moving ASAP), who will care for you during recovery.
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