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Does anyone know of a good plastic surgeon performing cellulaze in the Bay Area?

  • goody1
  • 1 year ago

Has anyone had this treatment in the Bay Area with good success?

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HI! I just had it done last week and I love the care and professionalism from Dr Emer at the Menkes Clinic in Mountain View. I live in SF and drove down to him.. yes a little schlep but so worth it thus far and the team is AWESOME there!!

Hi There,

Here's a link to the board certified doctors in your area who perform Cellulaze.

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks so much! Any recommendations?
goody1, I had Vaser High Definition Lipo from Dr. Andrew Kaczynski in Sac'to in 2009 and am THRILLED with his skills and perfectionism. I know he does Cellulaze, but I have not had him do the treatment for me .... yet! Maybe contact his office and set up a consultation?