Good Injectors in Melbourne for Lip Enhancement?

  • MelbourneGirl
  • Melbourne
  • 3 years ago

Hi all, I'm currently doing some research on lip enhancement as I've always wanted to have them slightly more defined & plump. And after viewing some before & after photos online of patients with similar lip shape/ size, I think that prefer the look of restylane over juvederm. I'm hoping to have my lip enhanced in the next month or two. 

Please message me here or private message me if you can recommend a qualified, safe & skillfull injector in Melbourne, Australia. They can either be a doctor or a registered nurse (RN1). At the moment I'm looking at a popular nurse injector in Caulfield or Dr Alicia Teska (cosmetic dermatologist) but I welcome other recs.

Thank you in advance. Look forward to your recommendations as I'm a total newbie with cosmetic procedures. :-)