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Am I a good candidate for Smart Lipo?

  • Aysha90
  • Dubai
  • 4 years ago

19 year old healthy female (aprox 56 kgs - 5'5). I follow a very healthy lifestyle and am satisfied with my overall body appearance but feel very self conscious about my abdomen. It responds only to a minor extent to diet/workout.

Genetics might be a factor in the allocation of fat there but I am feeling skeptical about undergoing Smartlipo specially after reading about the side effects (Lumps & Bumps - No effect). My wedding will be about 4 months post surgery which makes me all the more anxious. Am I a good candidate for the surgery?

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i just had mine done May 23 and completely happy. You are in good shape and doesn't look like much needs to be taken off. I had a small tire and a c section area that has always bothered me. My doc made that all go away! I would research and go in for a consultation.
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Please answer me concern :(
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