golden goddess pills

  • blackiemma22
  • 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I'd like to know, anybody heard about the golden goddess pills from myhotsecrets. Those pills are especially for black people, thery are suppose to lighten the skin and make it glow and beautiful. So, any feedback or reviews from potential users? Thank you

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i took these pills with trust in my heart after taking the pills immediley i stared having pains. i thought at the time it couldnt be golden goddes skin brighting pills so after going to the doctor. And taking my antibotics i was perfectly fine two days after that i triend the pills again it came back. and i ended up in the hospital again. my doctor told me not to use the product ever or anythig else from the company. now they wont give me my money back it wasnt my fault i trusted them and their product.
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they were not good pills i had problems
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