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Going to work after Restylane

  • dmny08
  • 4 months ago

So after wanting fuller lips my entire life, and contemplating fillers for about two years now I finally went to a consultation today to talk about lip injections with Restylane.I've made an appointment on Thursday at 4:00pm to have a half vial of Restylane injected into my lips, and also doing some light botox to lift my brows.I told my doctor that it was important for me to be able to go back to work the next day, and she assures me that although there may be slight swelling, it won't be bad enough that I can't go to work and see clients. I'm very nervous as I work in advertising and see clients all day that I'm going to look like a freak!She says that with only half a vial as long as I ice my lips and keep my head elevated during sleep I should be perfectly fine. Anyone with experience that can comment on this?

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From what I've read on other reviews, the swelling can get pretty intense the first couple of days.

This forum post might help: 10 things I wish I knew before Restylane

I hope you write a review about your experience!
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