Very likely going to seek revision to remove medpor/scar tissue in NYC. Please advise. Thinking of consulting Dr. Thomas Romo.

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My friend may schedule her wedding for July or August and just go with my monstrous honker nose, so I sort of want to wait, but at the same time....I almost want to do the surgery in May and then see where I am eight weeks after, because I am miserable with how I look now. Just stunned at how bad this looks. I got a rhinoplasty in June 2013 with tip elevation, narrowing, and a medpor graft to project/narrow the tip. My nose looked awful for five weeks and then, by week six (start of August), I got seriously injured twice--once in August, once in September. It swelled up again, even bigger than what I saw on the cast. The graft is still intact, but it is surrounded in my dorsum and tip my scar tissue. I did not use kenalog injections, despite having thick skin--my surgeon refused. My surgeon said to wait six months, so I have. It's healed about 50% since the monstrous nose I saw in October 2013, but the big round disc, thick pinkish/brown skin, and weird shape has stayed. I didn't expect it to totally resolve in 6 months, but now I fear this is not swelling, but permanent scar tissue--that a nose can only heal so much. the nose now hooks and is more projected on the left. It's massively round a bulbous--like a tire is under my nose. One side is "healed", a reminder what could have been if I had been more careful. I kick myself every day, because I really hoped the damage wasn't permanent, but I've watched this (without expecting leaps and bounds) since January's JUST stopped changing. The tip never contracts anymore. It looks the same all day. My surgeon just said to wait, but this is much, much worse than my pre-op nose. I want to salvage what I can with the right surgeon and then try to move on, but I'm worried I will make everything worse, no matter what. Has anyone experienced a rhinoplasty removing medpor safely? Dr. Romo was recommended to me. (I've consulted other surgeons as well and hoping I can afford Dr. Romo.)

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I had rhinoplasty and medpor implant by another surgeon. Dr. Romo removed the medpor 3 years ago after it got infected. He's really an expert and his follow up after surgery was great.
Who was your first surgeon? He refused to perform surgery on me.
Thanks for your post and I'm so sorry to hear about your injuries to your nose! Here's what some doctors say about what to look for when consulting with prospective revision surgeons. 

Good luck and I hope you find the perfect doctor for you soon! Please let us know how your consultation with Dr. Romo goes.
Is it possible you could link me to posters that have had successful third rhinoplasties? I've put this off for a year out of fear and hope this would resolve, but the swelling is gone enough now that I can see exactly what happened--I moved my cartilage. I worry I'm making a horrible mistake simply based on skin.
You might want to try reaching out to this member via personal message. User austrailian158 has also had a few rhinoplasties. Good luck on the third time around!