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I am going in if i am able to lose another 25 pounds(lost with HCG 12.5 within just 11 days!)

  • DominicanaNYCNJRedhead
  • 2 years ago

Alright,i schedule for my new body formation of the mid-section(UGH!) i am late thirties,my face is always i am told gorgeous, in my avatar profile pix here,so that is fine. but the STOMACH HAS TO GO,like now. i am tall love mi model-height,without heels standing 5'9,or so,and i now am FINALLY ! down to 235! in 2 weeks! i lost PREVIOUSLY,as read over here, a whopping 40 pounds (prior month back in feb.march )now i am finally ready to do this, i don't want to wait ANY LONGER. Now; i am set for april 25 2012  EEE! so happy,But a dr. who first say drop 75 pounds at first change mind calling me back in seeing i LOST 12 pounds in eleven days on amazing stuff called HCG DIET PLAN.He says,"most people do wait"but i am learning MOST do not wait,and go in anyhow no matter what! lol long as we are,as i am VERY healthy,(see pix)i m not OBESE but the fat roll bra thing (3)LOL down to 2 now,and with weight loss i have smaller looking FAT frontal/side stomach,so i am ready! also if i lose too much Blubber, the fat"what will i use for my Brazilian fat transfer,butt lift ya know... so i am NOT LOSING ANYMORE UNDER 235. i GONE FROM in few months 280 almost to now 235,that is it! LOLOL   NOW MEMBERS OF REAL SELF: QUESTION(S)two of them today; For all of you who have now your sexi flat stomach:   How long did YOUR tummy tuck take,when did u go in,and God-Blessfully WAKE UP? i.e."i went under sedation/asleep at 10 woke up in three hours"   how long?  and lastly:HOW DID YOU"exactly feel waking up"i.e. pain,groggy.scare to go under,but then woke up happy?   Gracias.... and HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS,and flat sexi stomach's in 2012 &beyond!   adios.