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I am going in if i am able to lose another 25 pounds(lost with HCG 12.5 within just 11 days!)

  • DominicanaNYCNJRedhead
  • 2 years ago

Alright,i schedule for my new body formation of the mid-section(UGH!) i am late thirties,my face is always i am told gorgeous, in my avatar profile pix here,so that is fine. but the STOMACH HAS TO GO,like now. i am tall love mi model-height,without heels standing 5'9,or so,and i now am FINALLY ! down to 235! in 2 weeks! i lost PREVIOUSLY,as read over here, a whopping 40 pounds (prior month back in feb.march )now i am finally ready to do this, i don't want to wait ANY LONGER. Now; i am set for april 25 2012  EEE! so happy,But a dr. who first say drop 75 pounds at first change mind calling me back in seeing i LOST 12 pounds in eleven days on amazing stuff called HCG DIET PLAN.He says,"most people do wait"but i am learning MOST do not wait,and go in anyhow no matter what! lol long as we are,as i am VERY healthy,(see pix)i m not OBESE but the fat roll bra thing (3)LOL down to 2 now,and with weight loss i have smaller looking FAT frontal/side stomach,so i am ready! also if i lose too much Blubber, the fat"what will i use for my Brazilian fat transfer,butt lift ya know... so i am NOT LOSING ANYMORE UNDER 235. i GONE FROM in few months 280 almost to now 235,that is it! LOLOL   NOW MEMBERS OF REAL SELF: QUESTION(S)two of them today; For all of you who have now your sexi flat stomach:   How long did YOUR tummy tuck take,when did u go in,and God-Blessfully WAKE UP? i.e."i went under sedation/asleep at 10 woke up in three hours"   how long?  and lastly:HOW DID YOU"exactly feel waking up"i.e. pain,groggy.scare to go under,but then woke up happy?   Gracias.... and HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS,and flat sexi stomach's in 2012 &beyond!   adios.      

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If you look at my review you can see I had a super extended tuck. I was under for 6 hours from the time I closed my eyes until they took me out of the room. Then another 30 minutes in recovery. I woke up pretty alert and not in any pain right then. But I am always very easy to come out of the anesthesia, that varies with some people.
o wow.six hrs.under. but i m glad your fine chica, hola.and i will check out your page. i had to push my dream of a flat tummy again! i keep working out til then,.eating right,etc. and i can wait. but will always exhibit support here. thanks! i know my friend was under in FLA. like only 1 & 1/2 hrs.almost 2.couple years ago.i myself am good under anesth,too!dentist,etc.never had a issue,thank god. and good morning!
Healthy weight loss is not quick! HCG is a quick fix and if not followed strictly the weight will return and more...YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY WITH HOW YOU LOOK NOW...any cosmetic surgery is to ENHANCE how you look if you are happy with your body now then go for the enhancement IF NOT you will continue to seek that happiness even after surgery...God Bless! Oh, I am a fitness coach who went from 260lbs to 168lbs but that was too small so I am maintaining at 172lbs which is my normal BMI!
that is why i am happy i did"wait."i am where i need to be after losing so much,but put it on permanent hold,till maybe this year,not sure when,life is wonderful beside the now regular-daily loose skin there,in the tummy.i can wait,and will still support others here,who are turning their dream to flat tummy into a nice reality....gracia. u all enjoy your spring,and summer!
Hey girl! My tummy tuck took 2 hours 30 minutes. I also had lipo on my back at low waist. My doctor felt like my flanks didn't need it which I disagreed with, argued with him about and then finally agreed that he would decide where to lipo once I was under and he saw what I looked like after he pulled me down. I love my result and glad I trusted him. Each day (in between the swelling, which can be a bitch) I notice how small I'm getting, he really understood my body. Anyway, when I woke up from surgery I was very groggy, pain level about a 4 but the immediately brought that down to a 1. I remember being freezing old and having heated blankets placed all over me and being feed fluids through a sippy straw. I didn't get sick to my stomach, but felt naseous during drive home, but I ate a banana and felt better instantly. My surgery was at 1:45 so i went a very long time without food, I think that's why. Was nauseous once we got moving in the car. I was in recovery about 2 hours in and out of sleep. It's not and at all. I woke up to them calling my name and saying, you are done honey! That was comforting, I have no memory of getting to car, the grogginess is amazing. Some things you will remember others not at all. Good luck and I hope answered your questions!