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i am almost 28, wear a size 8 /10 clothes and a 32A (superpadded) bra. this has been something i have been thinkinking about for as long as i can remember. but the past few years i have been much worse as i have a 4 year old and a 6 year old an i cant bring myself to do things with them such as swimming or bikini holidays. this has been something i have felt since i was at school. i've waited for them to develop but it just never happened.   i am going to have surgery (in the docs words) as soon as possile after. i am going to have my girls for christmas :D at the minute i am filled with every kind of emotion. when i first seen the surgen i was so nervous about taking my bra off to show him i cried. this is how my body makes me feel. i tried the filler in the bra a brought with me but now thinking back i dont know if i should go for the 280cc fillers or to go for 300cc. i would like to b a full B cup or small C, i have a small frame so dont want to have the opposite to now and look to big. i want to feel natural. i was seeing another surgen, but have been transfered on to another doctors list at a private hospital that means i will b alot closer to my home.  

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counting down the days to my consulatation now and getting really excited as i shoud find out then what date my girlies will arrive :D excited :) any questions i should ask that i might not think on????
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I'm excited for you! Have you heard about doing the rice test to help you decide on a size? The doctor, of course, will also advise you on what size he or she thinks would be best for you. Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right size for you.

Please keep us posted and consider starting a "blog" in the review community (even before surgery) where you can add updates and, if you'd like, photos.

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