Am I going crazy?

  • Gina in california
  • 2 years ago

Im 2 weeks post op from tummy tuck and breast augmentation and I tell you last night I was ready to lose it.  My husband and I sat down this am and we found this forum.  I cannot tell you how nice it was to hear all of this discussion.  I have gone through all the things people have talked about.  I'm always on the verge of tears.  I can't stand up, I'm exhausted, my breast hurt, my back hurts, I get muscle spasms at night.  I just want to cry.  I'm stuck in a body that looks like Frankenstein and I can't get it to work correctly.  I see all of your posts and I see that how I'm feeling is normal.  I just didn't realize all this was going to happen.  I thought yes I would have pain but mostly I would be enjoying my new body.  Wow what an emotional roller coaster.  We own our own business and I watch my husband having to work hard to make up for my slack.  I'm tired , I hurt, I want to cry.  My brain tells me this will all pass and it will work out fine but my heart and emotions are freaking out.  I guess it's just nice to write my feelings down.