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Going back to work in 2

  • NikkiL03
  • Springfield, MO
  • 7 months ago

Monday I will be headed back to work (4 wks post op/2 wks post hematoma) and would like know what to expect. I know many of you had to go back to work also. I have a desk job, thankfully,  and won't be required to 'hop' up and down like I used to, mainly because I have a busy office environment! Also, what should I wear, as not many things fit me or feel comfortable in?

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I would stick with stretchy pants or even a size too big. Even if you are only sitting at a desk you will find that you are most likely going to swell during the day. And those pants that fit ok when you left the house might be killing you by noon. Make sure to leave yourself a little space for that.
decide your way of clothes that fits you