Is Glycolic peel safe?

  • janine 03
  • Cape town,South africa
  • 5 years ago

I'm a beauty therapist and I'm working with RegimA but recently we had another training with southern cosmetics. Both of the beauty ranges are speaking for their product house and I'm looking for answers from another persons perspective about Glycolic peels.

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Hi Im a Beauty Therapist also and have been using glycolic peels for the past 3 years and i have never had a complaint about them. It is really the company to inform you of the pro's and con's, we all have to be realistic with product's and treatments. Beauty Therapist's are ONLY aloud to perform peel's up to 30% acid- that is the law in the UK may be different somewhere else! Glycolic is said to help fine lines and dry/mature skin and lactic i said to be best for problematic skin. You have just got to make sure all your therapist's are confident and know how to perform the consultation perfectly as this is where things can be forgotten and problems can occur for you and your business! Best of luck!
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