Is anyone GLAD they had drains, or feel like there was a benefit to them?

  • AimeedoubleGs
  • Pasadena, CA
  • 2 years ago

I finally found a surgeon who takes my insurance and does the caliber of work I expect (yay!) but she is a real stickler about drains. She told me people hate them, but she thinks they are necessary to prevent the low risk of hematoma. So far all I have heard is that drains are by far the worst part of the recovery if you have them, and I am thinking this alone might be enough to make me pass on her. Has anyone had a positive experience with drains? Does anyone feel like they helped them in any way towards their recovery?

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All that taken into consideration, I'd probably go with her, even with the dreaded drains. :)
It sounds like you guys have a good line of communication open, and that is so invaluable. I always sort of cringe when I hear about people talking about nipple size and placement, because I, um, never even thought about any of that until after my surgery! Ha. Luckily it all worked out fine and I have cute wee nipples right where I'd have chosen them to be.

Honestly, the first few days after surgery you're still so groggy from anesthesia that you're sleeping eleventy billion hours. Those first days fly by, and you would have the drains out before you even knew it.
My surgeon does not use drains...I was floored when he told me this although very happy. He said the drains are more for excess tissue drainage and not for blood drainage. Since I am not an overly large reduction (1# per breasts he thinks) then he says it not necessary toplace the drains due to the small amount of tissue being removed. And he said that he see's too many women get a hematoma around there site of where the drains were placed, causing him to feel they cause more rather than prevent hematoma's. I have surgery Monday....we shall see how this plays out. Blessings to you as you try to decide!
This is what I have heard from pretty much everyone, so the fact that she is a stickler for drains really makes me doubt her....
My doctor didn't use them either. He's written numerous journal articles and is the President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, so I felt comfortable that he was up to date on the most current research regarding them.

That said, in the two years that I spent researching the surgery before having it, I was blown away by the differences between surgeons in technique and post-op care. Some want you in sports bras for months, while others want you wearing no bra at all. Some insist on drains, while my surgeon has only used them once in recent history.
I truly think that it comes down to which methods the surgeon is most comfortable with.

Do you like your surgeon's before/after photos? Are you comfortable with her personality? Do you feel heard and valued as a patient? If you can answer a resounding yes to all of those things, then I would probably use her, even if she goes with drains.
Thanks for the thoughtful reply Jemima :)

I have noticed exactly the same thing! Each doctor seems to have a totally different method of healing these things, and I haven't found one that seems a lot better then another EXCEPT drains being really uncomfortable for those who have them.

As for the rest, I felt really comfortable with her. She listened better then any doctor I met with... After I told her something she would show me a picture to show me she understood..."Ok so you want your nipple about the size of the picture you showed me. So even a little smaller then this picture in my book?" She also spent a long time examining me, and noticed a lot of things about my breasts that the other doctors didn't seem to notice. Lastly, when speaking to her I got the feeling she was an intelligent and compassionate lady. I got that from both of the doctors I like, but from her I really got a strong feeling she was not running an assembly line of any sort, which I did NOT get with all the doctors I met.