Has any of you girls got pre BR surgery tips! Due for op on 24th March.

  • Scots lady
  • 1 year ago

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Hi Scots lady, good luck tomorrow. I had my BR done this past July and I could not be more pleased. Ems123 gave you good suggestions. My recovery was uneventful but I will say that I was tired and needed more rest as I healed. The results are amazing - I only wish I had done it sooner. All the Best!!
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Hi Scots lady, bet you're excited/nervous now! There is absolutely nothing to worry about though! I would just advise to eat as healthy as possible, exercise loads, basically get your body into the best shape possible to prepare for your healing! If your healthy on the inside then it will definitely help! I also started taking arnica tablets a week before and carried on taking them after, they are supposed to help with swelling and bruising! I'm not sure of they worked, I still did get swelling and bruising but I guess if I wasn't taking them they could have been a lot worse! Check with your PS though that he is ok with you taking them! I'm just over 2 weeks post op and have had minimal pain and am healing nicely, no problems with my incisions or anything yet (touch wood) and I'm positive it's down to my healthy, active lifestyle as I never get ill anyway so recovery has been fine! Any other questions don't hesitate to ask! I'm also in the UK! :)
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