What is an Appropriate Gift for Your Plastic Surgeon? No Fruit Baskets/food Etc

  • tango1192
  • 1 year ago

My Plastic Surgeon is in his mid 30's (well it looks that way anyway ;) ), I don't want to buy him food or a gift basket. What amount of money spent would be deemed inappropriate? I was thinking a designer belt or cuff links? Is a massage certificate inappropriate? any other ideas?

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My PS and his wife had a baby not long after my expanders were placed. I made a couple crochet hats for the new baby. A small gift that doesn't take much time or money and no big deal if they can't use it for their little one.

This is a great question! Many doctors appreciate a well written review to post in their office or online. Some doctors may appreciate your word-of-mouth advertising too!  Just curious, what did you end up doing for your PS?

I think any doctor/surgeon appreciates a well thought out card. Its nice to know your hard work is appreciated. A well written review and willingness to talk to other breast cancer patients is helpful as well.