Genioplasty for me? Recommendations for doctors?

  • baum7934
  • 6 months ago

I've been unhappy with the look of my face for several years (now 22). I've always disliked the roundness of my face and thought I had chubby cheeks. But recently I think the problem has a lot to do with the fact that my chin is not very defined from the front view. The profile isn't really an issue. At first I thought about buccal fat removal or a chin implant, but I don't think that would help to make my face look any longer or to define my chin/jawline from the front. So I've been considering genioplasty to help lengthen my chin. Do you think this would help my appearance? I know there are other things on my face that could probably be fixed or improved, but I'm not wanting to get so much surgery that I look completely different. Just a better version of me now. Do you have experience with any doctors or is there a surgeon you would recommend for this procedure? I've spoken to a few so far and am waiting to speak more in depth to some others but would like some outside opinions as well. (I've checked the reviews but most are for implants, not genioplasty)Thanks!

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I think your chin looks fabulous. Honest. As you get older, your face will likely slim out and get somewhat more angular, but enjoy what you have now because you are gorgeous!
I don't think you need sliding genio, from my point of view your face looks balanced. Sliding genio is super invasive. I can not see your pic from the profile view, but from my experience, I would suggest a small chin implant, (It does define your chin, trust me). I am still researching about this, I haven't been there my self, but I think you could benefit from buccal fat pad removal. I can recommend surgeons here in MEx. I would suggest Abel de la Peña, he is quite experienced with this. Let me know what happened...