How to fix saggy skin still left on upper abs after a gastric bypass and tummy tuck?

  • kdh1769
  • Oklahoma
  • 4 years ago

I have saggy skin on my upper abdomen after a tummy tuck following a gastric bypass. It's not horribly saggy, but I notice it. Is there a non-invasive way to help this saggy skin?

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You most likely had only a mini tummy tuck, as skilled, board certified surgeons are able to tighten the entire abdomen with a full tummy tuck. Does your scar extend from hip to hip? (Sign of a full TT). Or is it shorter (6 inches or so in middle of lower ab). That would indicate a mini TT. Unfortunately, the only way to tighten that upper skin is to get a full TT. I have also heard of women who just have really poor skin elasticity after significant weight loss and had to have more than one surgery to remove all the excess skin. Good luck, and please keep us posted on how you're feeling about your results.