Gas and BM?

  • APMama
  • Denver, CO
  • 3 years ago

One day post op, and I'm so happy that I'm not feeling any regret for doing this.  Tonight I get to shower for the first time and hopefully get a look at my new belly.  While the pain is not as bad as I expected, it is a little worse than my one cesarean.  I am surprised to feel (incisional?) pain near the tops of my thighs, my abs ache and I'm SO itchy under my binder.  TMI question here- I didn't get a change to go number two before my surgery yesterday, and I still haven't had an urge to pass gas, let alone anything solid.  Is this common?  How long does it take, usually?   Oh, and I wish I had taken before pics, but I will surely post some after pics once I can see what's going on!  I was ecstatic the morning of my surgery when my PS looked at my body with what can only be called an artist's eye.  He was so excited to work on me, and afterwards said that working on my abdomen is exactly how a TT should be.  Big plus- my skin was stretchy enough to get rid of my two old belly button piercing scars, too!  Really looking forward to seeing my body as it was pre-babies!!    TIA for any answers about the BM and gas!