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Future of Tattoo Removal After Us All Some Hope?

  • Boofu36
  • 1 year ago

What type of laser comes after picosecond lasers? Here is a very interesting document I found online about a current patent on a femptosecond lasers (1-1000ths of a picosecond)...for those of you who feel hopeless and discouraged, know that there is research being done. Even though your tattoo is permanent for now, there is limitless potential to get it removed in the future. Check it out. Its very interesting. 

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Wow! I was really glad I waited to start my removal with a pico second laser. So promising to see better in the pipeline. I think the pico was in clinical trials for several years before it was released to the market though. :-(
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Where is the document?
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After posting I realized that RealSelf doesnt allow links in posts...but if you have some free time, search femptosecond laser patent in google, hopefully you'll find some articles, interesting read
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