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more than just a furrowed and brow and wrinkles Yes is the answer

  • mitchzilla
  • birmingham
  • 3 years ago

i need botox because i have had my head shut in a door and broke my nose a few times and i've headbutted a steering wheel when will people learn the full on force of violence isnt the answer i believe botox should be freely available to everyone who says they need it for a very good reason without looking at my forehead you wouldnt be able to tell but my forehead has a dent in it my nose is broken and the skin where there once was a perfect forehead has a crease in it that could only be repaired by stitching my skin together and sealing it with ? The crease isn't like other pictures you may see but is almost asif the skin is going to rip apart from top to bottom any offers of fixing me or are all you doctors on here just stating your own 2 bit opinions and from the words of another doctor fleecing people of there money.