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Funny Things Said During the Tummy Tuck Process

  • 4 years ago

Some funny statements that have come out of my mouth during this process:

  • Look… my Who Who is so swollen that it looks like a baseball.
  • What is that leaking out of the whole in my hip….ooh nasty!
  • Help me, it hurts and I have to poop. Seriously…UGH Like my husband could go for me.
  • You are going to put what where?
  • What is that? Where did that bump come from? I didn’t pay for that.
  • The playground is closed…sorry!
  • Who shaved me there…was it the nurse or a Keebler Elf. Keep in mind I said this to the nurse while I was on heavy narcotics at the hospital. Boy I don’t do well on drugs. At least I provided some good comedy to the nursing staff.
  • My body is spitting out stitches again!!
  • Can you please rub my butt because it hurt’s. Now what makes this so funny is that I asked my teenager this question. His face was worth a million bucks! What I meant to ask was will you rub my back….came out all wrong. Again, I blame this on the pain meds.
  • Keep your sense of humor through this process because you will need it. It is all good but you will face some challenges and a long healing process. Just make sure that you go in with realistic expectations. You will not come out looking like a Victoria’s Secret model and your stretch marks will not all be gone. Also make sure that you are healthy and in good physical shape, and that you take time for yourself with some pampering and relaxation prior to surgery. I hope sharing my experiences and craziness helps you in your journey.
Best of luck to you on your Tummy Tuck journey!

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