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  • txcntrygrl
  • Dallas, TX
  • 3 years ago

So I'm a week and a half post op and moving around pretty well, just swollen and tired at the end of each day. BF got off work early and I wanted to look cute for him. I've been in PJ Lazy mode the past week and a half when he comes over. I'm getting ready to straighten my hair and start my makeup and I hear this buzzing. There's a freakin wasp in my bathroom! I ran out and slammed the door, and of course felt my tummy tighten a little. I tried to be brave and went for the fly swatter. I've been sitting on my bed for an hour staring at the door trying to decide if the makeup and hair are worth it, or if I should just wait for BF to save me yet again! LOL! I went in a minute ago with the fly swatter, heard the buzzing and ran back out. HAHA! At least I have a teen daughter so I raided her bathroom for necessities and look somewhat cute. Wasp is still locked in the bathroom...updates to come! LOL

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LOL yes they are!    I once locked my husband in a room with a bat.  Darn thing was flying around the room and hubby was laying in bed sleeping.  I ran so fast because I am petrified of bats.  I slammed the door behind me and screamed.    He woke up and all he could see was a shadow of something circling the bed.  He is pretty much blind without his contacts so couldn't see.  However he did realize I had locked him in the rom with the darn thing. 

Every man or woman for themselves in this situation...LOL

I bet that really hurt having to squat and duck the darn thing.  OUCH.

LOL well if you an imagine trying to swat a wasp with a fly swatter in one hand, and holding your tummy so you don't strain with the other. I missed the stupid thing twice and when he flew toward me I ducked and squealed! Not a good combination after a TT! YOWCH! I ran out and threw the cat in the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I was hoping he would kill the thing. I stared at my bathroom door for two hours until BF showed up to save me! HAHA! He was laughing at me the whole time. I caught heck from my animal lover friends about my kittie, but hey...they're supposed to kill critters right?

OMG too funny!   Thank goodness for teenage daughters and the stock of cosmetics they have in their bathrooms..:)

And....more story please..

Don't leave us hanging! :)


That is funny! Did you get him? The wasp I mean? ;)