Funny story

  • txcntrygrl
  • Dallas, TX
  • 3 years ago

So I'm a week and a half post op and moving around pretty well, just swollen and tired at the end of each day. BF got off work early and I wanted to look cute for him. I've been in PJ Lazy mode the past week and a half when he comes over. I'm getting ready to straighten my hair and start my makeup and I hear this buzzing. There's a freakin wasp in my bathroom! I ran out and slammed the door, and of course felt my tummy tighten a little. I tried to be brave and went for the fly swatter. I've been sitting on my bed for an hour staring at the door trying to decide if the makeup and hair are worth it, or if I should just wait for BF to save me yet again! LOL! I went in a minute ago with the fly swatter, heard the buzzing and ran back out. HAHA! At least I have a teen daughter so I raided her bathroom for necessities and look somewhat cute. Wasp is still locked in the bathroom...updates to come! LOL