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Full or mini tummy tuck needed to get flat stomach again?

  • heather1984
  • Northwest Arkansas
  • 4 years ago

I am 26 years old, had one child and will not have anymore. I currently weigh 148 lbs. I am wondering what is the but option form to have my flat tummy again. My skin is taunt aove the navel but I have loose and flabby skin below the navel. 99% of my stretch marks are below the bellybutton. you will see what looks like 2 bumps bleow the breast what looks like flab but it is actually the bottom portion of my long ribcage. on the right side the top $ mid pics are me sucking in. any advise

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also if you think other work needs to be done then please let me know : ) your advice will be much appreciated
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I forgot to say i am 5 foot 8 inches tall as well if this helps
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i forgot to mention i am 5 foot 8 inches as well. Do you think possible lipo is an option as well?
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