"I had full lips done and my lips look terrible"

  • Stylishus
  • Tampa Bay
  • 2 years ago

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As a professional PM artist, the most common mistakes I've seen clients made: - People want to see final results immediately. You have to wait 6 weeks to see final result. - People tend to follow advise from non- professionals and apply an x-number of things on their procedures and in most cases get the wrong results. - The post-care instructions are to be followed as the professional gives them. They work and have a constant result if done correctly. Victor Permanent Makeup Artist Arlington TX
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Oh shit my God , what happened to your lips , It looks so Bad , what are you using in your lips , when I was 22 , I have the same situation , that time I normally use so many brand products so that my lips get infected , after that I am using honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Lipstick Burlesque of beautiful lady , which helps me a lot.
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Stylishus pls help I need my eyebrows done ASAP but won't go to the main person around Tampa do you have any suggestions of some professional places around Tampa?
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This is an example of a PMU Artist saying yes to a client who is NOT and never will be a candidate for a lip procedure.This woman reached out to me via RealSelf, and I put her in touch with a tech in her area to try to lighten the procedure area. It takes a very skilled person to try to attempt to correct this mess, and often nothing can be done. It saddens me to a great degree that there are PMU Artists performing procedures on unsuspecting clients that give horrific results. If you have olive skin or darker, chances are you should not consider a lip procedure. Blue Under tones in the lip will turn every pigment into a undesirable color. Heed my advice ladies.
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I disagree, I have olive skin and have had my lips done in different colors over the years with no problem. You have to be aware of the skin tones of your client and you can add reds and oranges to prevent colors from turning blue or purple. Every client is different and you have to adjust your colors for each one because the color of the skin or lips will always effect the color the pigment. If you discuss this with you client and custom mix your colors you should get favorable results.
This is a great response. I'm a PM artist in Dallas TX. And this is pure basics for a real professional.