Need Full Anchor w/ Implants! Need advice- size and implant type! Past BA.

  • c_cruz
  • Georgia, GA
  • 10 months ago

I am 5'3" and weigh 130 lbs.  I have breastfed 3 kids 20 years ago.

Yr. 2000: Age 30: Original BA: Washington, DC-  I did no research, told PS I did not want to go bigger, but missed fullness after kids/breastfeeding. PS advised that I would not be happy with a lift and suggested implants.  I was so excited to get them that I just went for it without any input.  I came out with 300cc, smooth, round, above muscle, areola incision. For about 6 mos. they were great, but over time they became VERY heavy, pulled on my skin leaving my nipples pointing down. My bra would leave indentions in my shoulders.  Instead of nice, perky implants, like my friends - I felt like I had old granny boobs and needed a reduction.

Yr. 2011: Dallas, TX - Implants removed. Yr. 2012: Baltimore, MD - Consult w/ breast cancer doctor at John Hopkins for advice. She stated w/ my petite frame - she would have never gone above 225-275cc!

Yr. 2013: Age: 43: GA: Consult #1:  I want implants, but I want them done right.  Wish I would've known what I know now!  Consult w/ PS in Columbus, GA - I explained all of the past.  Explained that I don't necessarily want huge boobs, but want that tight, youthful, look with upper pole fullness to pass the pencil test. I don't want to look like a freak, and I want my shirts to fit nicely without my boobs being in the room before me!  My newest consult PS has recommended that I give him the range of 350-400cc in the OR to decide and that I go w/ Silicone HP implants, under the muscle w/ full anchor lift.  First I have to get past the cc number game since I was too big over the muscle w/ 300cc - I realize going w/ a full anchor lift and under the muscle 300cc would probably be way too small. 

2013: GA: Consult #2: different PS advised 275cc Mods under muscle.I am totally confused by cc advised by different doctors! as well as mods vs HP's.  I have 13cm diameter.  I want to do this! I am terrified and gun shy now w all I have been through!  Have seen horror stories w/ HP's not dropping and causing square frankenboobs.  Saline vs Silicone; and I really like the PS in consult #1! I definitely want my areola's smaller as well and do not want sag! I would like to be no larger than a D cup.Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)