Fulfilling a promise to share what worked for my Melasma

  • Rose Ryder
  • 1 year ago

I'm writing on this forum to keep my promise that if the day ever came that my melasma, a source of stress in my life for the last 3 years, ever faded, I would post on every forum I can find what I did to achieve it.  Here is what finally worked for me.  I went 100% natural and organic besides my makeup.  I use organic extra virgin olive oil to remove my makeup by taking a wash cloth, wetting it, and pouring the oil onto it.  I then rub my face with it to remove all the makeup.  Once it's all off, I put more olive oil on my face and massage it into my skin for several minutes.  Then I take a soft baby wash cloth and gently rub off the excess oil. Twice a week, after I remove my makeup, I exfoliate by rubbing a generous amount of olive oil on my face and then massaging brown sugar into skin in circular motions. I then remove it with a wet wash cloth.  Thats it.  That's all I use on my face, just organic extra virgin olive oil and brown sugar, no soaps, no anti- aging creams, no fade creams and I eat organic unprocessed foods as much as possible.  I also drink 3 or more cups of organic green tea a day.  Since starting this new routine about 3 months ago, the changes in my skin, hair, and overall health are like magic.  The melasma has faded 99% and my skin looks younger, smoother, and brighter than it ever has in my life.