Very Frustrated, Just Trying To Find A Doctor :(

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Hey ladies, I've been researching BBL surgeons for over a year now and am beyond ready to have this surgery. The thing is, I keep seeming to hit one roadblock after another while searching for a doctor, and it's getting to be really discouraging because I'm sick of my post-baby body and just want to feel confident about my shape again.

One issue that seems to keep taunting me is my location. My husband and I are Navy stationed in Virginia Beach of all places ( I'm getting out and becoming a civilian again in May, can't wait!), and it seems to me that I have to go everywhere but here to find a doctor with the results I want. All the doctors around here aren't very experienced with the BBL procedure as far as I can tell, and the couple doctors I've met with have said things that irritated me.

For starters, I'm 5'4", 152 lbs so I've got like 20 extra pounds of fat to work with. So after taking some of my favorite pics of patients my size with the results I wanted and showing them to these Virginia doctors as wish pics, I get back "Well, you don't know how many treatments they had," or " You can only get results like that with a combination of fat transfer AND implants." I'm like, these pics are from doctors like Markmann, Dr.Jimerson, Dr. Okoro, Dr. Salama... I'm fairly certain these doctors aren't wild about using implants, but I may be wrong. Anyway, getting responses like that, as far as I'm concerned, translates into " I can't do that," and it works on my nerves.

Then, it seems like the doctors I really would like to see either aren't available within my time frame ( March-May), or are way out of my price range. I called Dr. J's office, I can't even SPEAK with him until June 26! Even if I could be in Atlanta for surgery on that date, I can't do it because I'd need the 3 weeks off to heal but school starts July 8, so I can't miss that. I'll most likely be cancelling that consultation, I just haven't in the hopes that someone would cancel before me and I could take her spot. Then, I talked with Mendieta's office. $2,000 for the deposit? Nope, can't do it. Dr. Salama's office wants you to drop a deposit and THEN schedule your date. I'm not trying to give up money early just to find out that the available dates aren't within my timeframe, especially since the deposit is non-refundable.

I'm tempted to feel sad, because I see so many of you ladies on here that look absolutely GORGEOUS, and I'm like, " I want to have that, too!" I love Dr. Markmann's work, but I'm afraid I won't be able to afford a surgery upwards of $15,000. I'm venting a bit, but I really am reaching out to my BBL sisters on here who may have some suggestions or recommendations for me regarding good surgeons, or even have dates with their surgeons within the March-May window who would like to switch.

Hey, at this point I'm even open to having a surgery buddy or two (or three) to travel to the Dominican Republic with! I know not everyone's doctor search goes smoothly, but I'm getting really anxious to see a new me by the summertime and would really love to hear any suggestions or support I could get from you guys. I feel that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy, so even when I get discouraged I know I shouldn't completely abandon my dream of having the body I've always wanted.

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I'm encountering the same problem in Chicago, there are a handful of surgeons who do bbl's here but the results ive seen just aren't amazing, like on Atl, Miami, California, D.R. Can anyone recommend a bbl doctor in Chicago that can deliver jaw dropping results?
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Looks like you had yours done in may. I'm in VA also and also headed to Miami. Can't wait to see your pics.
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I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I am also in Va. Beach an have encountered the same problem. Although conservative I've decided to go with Associates in Plastic Surgery for my BBB. I'm scheduled for 6/28 so I'll post pics to let you know how it goes**fingers crossed**
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I had to wait for a couple situations to resolve themselves before I could make a major decision. But just last week I finally went ahead and bit the bullet and scheduled with Dr. Ghurani at Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami. I got really lucky to get a date early in May, and I'm really excited!! I was a little surprised after that to find out that the surgery has to be paid like a week in advance, but I'm sure I can make it happen. I'm just glad I finally made a decision I felt was liveable, now I feel like things are moving forward. Wish me luck! :)
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Hey! I'm may 9th with salama! So excited! Will be following ur journey! Good luck!
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Yes girl, I'm May 8th! Maybe I'll see you there :) Best of luck to you, too!
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I know it sucks to not new what you want in consults but at least they aren't promising you something that they can't deliver. The doctor finder is definitely a great place to start, you can look for a doc that lists the bbl as a procedure they do and if they don't have bbl pics on this site look at their lipo pics and if you like those then calling to see if they have patient pictures they can show in office but don't have posted.
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Hi there, welcome!

Sorry you're having such issues finding a doctor you feel comfortable with. Is waiting a possibility? I know you have school, but it you waited a little longer, maybe you could save up more and then have it towards the end of the year, during a school break, or early next year?

You could also use the doctor finder feature, to locate boad certified surgeons in your area. Just click the link, choose the city/state and then BBL. It will then bring up a list of any doctors in your chosen area, who are board certified to perform BBL.

Hope this helps!

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