Frustrated 2 weeks PO

  • NicHow
  • 3 years ago

Hey ladies. So on August 3rd I had a full TT and lipo.  Well I definitely have a flat tummy however i had a pocket of fat under my left breast that was a specific target of the lipo and while it does seem smaller, I have noticed that as time goes on it looks lumpy and almost like fat is collecting there again. My PS is out of town this week so I can't get in or call so I was wondering if anyone has experienced this with their lipo.  I did read that it can take a bit to settle. I just don't know what is swelling and what is still fat. I am so disappointed considering the expense and the recovery.  I really hope it is just swelling, but like I said it is hard to know the difference.  Also my bb....I am worried about a scar around it.  I was very naive and didn't ask my surgeon about what my bb would look like after. I figure why would anyone go through all of this only to have to hide their new tummy because of a bb scar.  I notice that my stitches are on the inside but there is an incision on the outside like someone drew a circle around the bb. I am so worried that the scar will be so noticeable.  My hubby is military so I went on base for the procedure.  The PS is board certified and I did google him and he has excellent reviews, however I feel so stupid that I did not ask to see any before and afters of his work. I really went into this blinde and now feel very upset with myself. Anyway, any advice or experiences would deeply appreciated.