Frustrated with the dark circles and hollows under my eyes

  • Ray1982
  • Australia
  • 4 years ago

I'm 27 and feel abit insecure about the way dark circles and hollows under my eye look. I always get comments like you never sleep. I care about my body and always get 9 hours sleep a day.

I was wondering what type of surgery or fillers I should consider?. What causes this type of problem ? I am only looking for improvements and have a realistic expectation. Need help.

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Hi! I just had bleph on my upper lids (one super droopy eyelid before), face and neck lift and am ecstatic with the results. I only have one nagging thing left that bugs me and has for years. I have no fat under my eyes and so they always look dark. Concealer is my best friend! I've read too much here about fat injections and have decided it's not worth the risk. I would rather keep Laura Mercier in business! Besides major surgery (I've had mine and I'm good!), is there any help for my dark under eyes?

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I have had dark circles all of my life and I am looking for permanent solutions on getting rid of them. Even though I'm only 18 years old I have very little fat underneath my eye naturally and they always have a very purple color to them. As you can see in the pictures included, my eyes are very sunken in. What surgical procedures can I look into that can significantly improve my dark circles? Also, I have been using a lightening cream underneath the eyes. Will this help at all?

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