Frightened to take solid tablets just after GBP when you're on liquids only

  • Fudgie
  • 1 year ago

I had my GBP done last Sunday (29th Sep 2013) came home on the Tuesday night and told I could start taking my usual medication I take quite a lot of tablets at every meal time that's my routine I kept thinking how can my new stomach take them when I can only have liquids I was so frightened I didn't take any of them for 2 days + it was starting to make me feel unwell worrying about it as well as the pain I was in so I decided I had to get them down somehow + suffer the consequences anyway I decided to take one at a time every 10 mins or so it took nearly an hour and a half to get them down but it worked the reason I was so scared was because every sip of water etc would send me to the loo and I kept thinking the tablets would be like having lumps in your stomach when you shouldn't have I had asked all the necessary people whils in hospital but no-one could grasp what I was saying has anyone else felt like this about their medication or was it just meĀ