What to tell my friends that I am having, I don't want to tell them the truth

  • Chazmataz
  • UK
  • 3 years ago

I don't want to tell all of my friends that I'm having vaser on my abs but I don't know how I can explain the fact that I may be in discomfort and wearing a compression garment. What can I tell them?

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Start complaining now. Just kidding! ;)

Yeah, that is tricky. I don't suppose most of your co-workers are male? You could always say, "Female issues" if that's the case. :)

How close are you with your co-workers. If you said something vague do you think they'd ask more questions?

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Hi Sharon , thanks for your reply. my surgery is going to be febuary 25th assuming the meeting with my surgeon goes well.

I am a little concerned about using the excuse you suggested as I havnt complained of any pain before hand. I am mainly worried about what I will tell my work colleagues as they know i have had 'hospital appointmnets' and will possibly be having time off for the surgery. i also don't want to seem like i am lying. It's very tricky!
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Hi Chazmataz,

First of all, welcome to RealSelf!

Since it's your abdomen, you could tell them you're having hernia surgery. That's common enough that they shouldn't ask too many questions. I've seen other RealSelfers use this excuse and AFAIK they got away with it. :)

When is your surgery date?

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