Fresh large black outline tattoo - how hard will it be to remove?

  • 85student
  • middletown, OH
  • 4 years ago

I got my first tattoo and wasn't really thinking too clearly when I did it. It's not close to being finished but it's hideous and makes me want to puke. Instead of finishing it I'm looking into removal too. It's very large, from my shoulder to elbow. It's only thin black lines though, shading isn't even started. I read black is easiest to this case how difficult and approximately how much money would it be? I can't have this on my arm for the rest of my life :(

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From what i've heard creams will not work. Lasers are the best way to go. I would guess it would cost a few hundred per session to remove.

I feel your pain my friend. I too have a large tattoo I regret. Mine is located on my rib cage. The art work is beautiful but I'm not sure if I want it forever. I've looked into many methods and fortunately black is the easiest to remove. I've been wanting to try a cream but I believe a laser could remove it in only a few sessions whereas a cream can take up to a year.