Free Surgery. Should I?

  • Toledo27
  • Toledo, OH
  • 3 years ago

I am 27 years old and weigh 265. My parents are very close with a surgeon. He does mostly liposuction and does it very well, my mom and her friend both have had it. He's never done a tummy tuck before but is in Los Angeles getting trained. He needs 2 people as models to use for models. He is a reputable surgeon and Im not scared of he himself. My question is I'm very nervous of scarring also I've never had children before and dont know how that would affect it. Although it is free and it would be nice to get some of this weight off. Please let me know.

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i wold love to participate in your free tummy tuck count me in let me know how to contact you
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The above comments are all very sound advice. Here's what some doctors have to say about tummy tucks as a weight loss tool. (Hint: it's more of a body-contouring surgery and will not take off a lot of poundage). Also, yes, having children in the future could ruin your results.

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Agree with Country Gal -- it's not a weight loss procedure!! Get the weight off and let the doctor get some experience and then get your new bod tightened up!
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I don't think a TT should be used as a weight loss tool. Probably having one before having children, could undo all your results.

It's a tough call, but I know they seem to say you should be close to your ideal weight before doing it; although I realize that's not always possible.
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A tummy tuck is major surgery and could have dangerous potentially life threatening consequences. I'd say thanks but NO thanks.
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