Which Fraxel system is best for hypertrophic scars?

  • narik
  • Tennessee
  • 4 years ago

I've been overly concerned about hypertrophic scars that have developed since my post-dermabrasion procedure. Now I've done some research and re:store seems to have some literature supporting its' ability to correct hypertrophic scarring.

After three re:stores of my own, I can only honestly say that it hasn't affected the hypertrophic areas much. Is there any supporting positive documentation for the Fraxel re:pair or the re:store (minus the Brazil + 55-year old studies)? I can describe my own HS as relatively flat-raised, mature since it's been nearly four years now, and they've slowly lost their pink and are white now.

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Hi Narik, I have found that Fraxel repair works very well on scars. I am not aware of any scientific documentation off hand for hypertrophic scarring. You can contact Solta Medical and ask if they have any past or current studies available. Good luck with improving your scars and be well. Dr. P